People wanting to hunt, hike, camp, bird watch, take pictures, fish, or pursue other outdoor activities complete an application and send it with a membership fee to the Access Illinois Outdoors office.  Landowners wishing to enroll their land complete a similar application and send it to the Access Illinois Outdoors office.

Image2The Access program members rank the counties on their application in which they wish to pursue the various outdoor activities. These applications, upon receipt in the Access Illinois Outdoors / Two Rivers office, are given to an Access employee who will assist the Access member with making arrangements with a land owner for both hunting and or non-hunting activities.
Access Illinois Outdoors members should keep in mind that the landowners ask a trespass fee or access fee to access their property. This fee is in addition to the program administrative fee paid to Access Illinois Outdoors/Two Rivers.

Also, the Access Illinois Outdoors staff can direct Access members to individuals that can provide services such as bed and breakfast, guiding, processing of game, motels, restaurants, and other needs.

Landowner applications are available on-line plus, you may request an application through the Access office. Applications are accepted from any county within Illinois. The following links will direct you to the respective application forms for Members and for Land Owners:

Member Application

Landowner Application